AND releases street level data for the Benelux
AND an alternative map provider for the Benelux area offering competitive prices.
AND Automotive Navigation Data has released street level maps for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. With the release of these maps AND positions itself to be the mapping alternative for Western-European maps.

The maps for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (Benelux) include all necessary navigation features and are in line with the high quality specifications as defined by AND in cooperation with its customers. The digital map of the 3 countries offer 100 percent street level coverage, including house number ranges. The digital map covers more than 273,000 kilometres and more than 18,500 cities and villages.

Further, the map offer all basic Points of Interest such as airports, border crossings, petrol stations, rest areas and railway stations to make navigation easier.

"With the release of street level maps of the Benelux we set the first step in developing Western-Europe on high detail. Later this year we plan to release Germany and in the first half of 2008 we will add many more European countries on street level to our database." according to Maarten Oldenhof, CEO at AND Automotive Navigation Data. "We offer our map of the Benelux against very competitive prices, as we have developed a no frill digital map. It is up to our customers if they want to add additional information on the map, such as in depth POI, 3D, speech, etc."
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