Mapsolute chooses NAVTEQ map data for its German web portal Map24
Five million users in Germany to gain access to NAVTEQ’s digital street maps.
With 150 million page impressions a month, Map24 is the travel industry’s largest web portal. This new agreement will enable more than five million users only in Germany to access NAVTEQ’s digital street maps. The Map24 portal is available in country-specific versions with varying local content while for certain countries several language versions are available. This means that there is an English portal for Australia and the UK, and Italian versions for both Italy and Switzerland. In total, Map24 is available in 20 languages and 44 country versions. More than a million routes are generated and displayed using Map24 on a daily basis.

“Among the deciding factors in the choice of map supplier were the scope of worldwide map coverage, the quality of the data and how up-to-date it is. Above all it had to be as easy to integrate as possible,” explains Thomas Golob, Mapsolute’s co-founder and CEO. “This last point in particular is extremely important since Map24 is updated on a regular basis. The easier the data is to integrate, the less it costs to update the software and the less time it takes. NAVTEQ’s data is delivered to a consistent global specification, making the process of compiling and integrating the data attractively simple.”

The standardised specification also enables seamless navigation across national borders. NAVTEQ currently offers map data for 60 countries worldwide, including countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA and Canada. For several years now, NAVTEQ has been continually expanding its coverage of the Asia-Pacific and South American regions, providing Map24 users with access to an increasing number of countries. In addition to NAVTEQ’s worldwide database’s extensive coverage, it contains up to 50 Points of Interest (POI) categories. These include general POIs such as service stations, hotels and restaurants as well as more unusual categories such as LPG service stations, sights and attractions, Pizza Hut branches and ASCI camping sites. Consequently, NAVTEQ maps provide Map24 users with precision navigation from A to B as well as enhanced value in terms of POIs both en route and at the journey’s destination.

“NAVTEQ Transport was another important factor in Mapsolute’s decision to switch to NAVTEQ maps,” explains Eric Fumat, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise EMEA. “NAVTEQ is currently the sole map provider to offer HGV-specific digital navigation data.”

For the business oriented audience, Mapsolute is planning to integrate “NAVTEQ Transport” for a fee-paying section of Map24. This will be used specifically by transportation and logistics companies and by drivers of large vehicles. NAVTEQ Transport provides vital information on HGV restrictions, for example maximum heights, lengths, widths and weights for vehicles. It also contains details on streets where HGVs or the transportation of hazardous goods are generally forbidden, as well as information on steep sections, sharp bends and crosswind zones. This will enable logistics companies and HGV drivers to choose the optimal route and to improve their delivery times. At present, Mapsolute is developing this function in Germany and France but will extend this service to additional countries as NAVTEQ rolls out HGV data for the Benelux countries, the UK, Austria and Switzerland over the course of 2007.
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