Tele Atlas Expands Digital Map Coverage to 64 Countries
Tele Atlas has now a total of 21,3 million kilometers of road coverage.
Tele Atlas recently announced the availability of digital maps for Saudi Arabia and Egypt, bringing the number of countries that Tele Atlas maps cover to 64 across six continents. The total amount of road coverage in the company’s database now stands at 21.3 million kilometers or 13.2 million miles, the same number of miles as 528 trips around the earth’s circumference at the equator.

Tele Atlas digital maps feature detailed street-level and complete interconnecting road networks to allow application developers and device manufacturers in the personal navigation, automotive, Internet and wireless markets to guide users seamlessly across country borders. The announcement follows Tele Atlas’ recent move to deliver digital maps covering Central and Eastern Europe and South Africa, and is in response to increased demand from global customers for highly detailed and accurate maps of all major countries around the world.

“Our growing base of customers and partners, among them Nokia, TomTom and Mio, want to deliver a comprehensive set of services to their wireless and navigation system users, wherever they are,” said Tele Atlas Vice President of Product Marketing Basak Ozer. “Tele Atlas now delivers what we believe to be the most digital maps with the highest level of detail required to build and deliver fully functional, high performance navigation and local search solutions.”
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