Tele Atlas Introduces Online Map Feedback Tool
Tele Atlas announced it will expand its map update system with Map Insight, an online tool that allows users of Internet, personal navigation and wireless devices and applications powered by Tele Atlas data to quickly report changes to the company.
Released in limited availability today, Map Insight will be made generally available during the fourth quarter of 2006. Changes to roads and points of interest occur every day, and the ability to quickly analyze and incorporate multiple sources of input is vital to generating maps that are fresh and highly accurate. Tele Atlas already uses a combination of professional drivers and other authoritative information sources to ensure that planned and existing changes are accurately incorporated into its maps. Map Insight adds an interactive, community-based perspective that Tele Atlas President and COO George Fink says is vital to the future of map development.

“Our goal is to produce the highest quality digital map data so that our partners can deliver the most useful information to local search and navigation system users. Advancements in technology make it possible for us to tap into the map community as a real source for detecting changes and enriching our maps,” said Fink. “As a result, users will get more out of their maps than ever before, and the industry will benefit as standards for delivering the most accurate digital maps rise.”

Mio Technology, one of Tele Atlas’ application partners and a supplier of a wide range of personal navigation devices, plans to offer the Map Insight tool on its own website. “This tool offers our end users a great opportunity to participate in building and improving the Tele Atlas map database. It also helps us to interact with our most dedicated customers,” said Paul Notteboom, Mio Technology Europe President. “It is a giant step forward in the development of the navigation industry, and underscores Tele Atlas’ continued commitment to the success of its partners.”

Tele Atlas’ digital map data is the foundation for many of the world’s leading local search and navigation systems. With Map Insight, users of these systems will be able to locate and describe situations where the mapping application does not reflect the real world and report them directly to Tele Atlas. The system will feature:

* A display of the most current Tele Atlas map data; users immediately can see if their issue has already been resolved within the system.

* Digital analysis of data submitted by users in order to more rapidly respond to changes in the real world.

* Quality control checks to ensure accuracy. Updates to the data pass through numerous controls before being deployed in the next release of Tele Atlas data.
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