NAVTEQ Launches 2007 Global LBS Challenge in Europe
NAVTEQ has officially launched its second Global LBS Challenge in Europe. The contest challenges developers to build LBS applications for wireless devices and plays an important role in heightening the awareness of new value-adding LBS to the wireless industry.
The official kick-off took place at the 2006 Mobile Location Services conference at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam on May 17-18, 2006. After a sponsored lunch by NAVTEQ to celebrate the launch in Europe, David Assouline, EU Consumer Marketing Director for NAVTEQ, spoke about the value of digital maps for location-based innovations and the reasons why NAVTEQ undertook the launch of the LBS Challenge at this time. Ashley Griffiths, Director, EMEA Sales & Business Development of AUTODESK, Platinum sponsor of the 2007 Global LBS Challenge, presented an overview of their LocationLogic Geoserver that will be proposed free of charge to participants to the Challenge.

“Autodesk is pleased to continue the support of industry leading application developers with our award winning location enablement tools,” Said Joe Astroth, Vice President and General Manager of Autodesk Location Services. “Companies like TikGames, Proxpro, and Socialight are true innovators in the LBS applications business as demonstrated by their past success with the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge. We’re proud to have facilitated their success and are looking forward to working with other leading developers in the Challenge.”

Joining NAVTEQ on its exhibit space at the MLS conference were current sponsors and past-winners of the first Global LBS Challenge. Past winners of the 2006 NAVTEQ Global LBS challenge, selected at 3GSM in Barcelona in February 2006, included: ALK Technologies, LBS Challenge Grand Prize winner and Navigation Category Winner 2006, who demonstrated CoPilot Live FleetCenter; Tikgames, LBS Challenge Entertainment and Leisure Category Winner 2006, who presented their GeoWorld Universe; and Datatronics, LBS Challenge Social Networking Category Winner 2006 who had their demo kit of Microgestel ® available to the attendees. These demonstrations and presentations enabled the attendees to get an overview of last year’s winning applications. This year’s AUTODESK Platinum sponsor showcased the free access tools they are providing to contest developers.

Registration for the contest opened on May 15, 2006 and will close at midnight Central Time on November 10, 2006. All registration forms must be received by midnight on November 17, 2006.

The Global LBS Challenge offers developers four solution categories with which their applications can be aligned:

Social Networking includes peer and “find me” applications that enable a person to actively communicate where one is or will be; or applications related to child/senior monitoring, safety alerts, and location.

Navigation/POI Look Up/Traffic includes routing and turn-by-turn directions.

Business Applications includes applications related to inventory and people to function efficiently; in addition to advertising, buying, and billing applications for business-to-consumer interaction.

Entertainment/Leisure includes gaming, location-based imaging, athletic, travel

The winners for each of the four solution categories as well as one grand-prize winner will be announced at the 3GSM Europe in Barcelona, Spain, 14 February 2007. Executives from wireless carriers, hardware and device manufacturers and other influential players in the wireless industry will judge the semi-final solutions and select the winners. The judges will base their final decisions on two main criteria: usability and utility. The grand-prize winner will receive €35,000 in cash and €100,000 worth of NAVTEQ Map licenses for up to one year. Each category winner, other than the Grand Prize Winner, will receive €5,000 in cash and €75,000 worth of NAVTEQ Map licenses for up to one year. For more information about contestant eligibility, see the official contest rules at .
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