NAVTEQ’s new online service provides information about map updates for your navigation system
NAVTEQ has set up a new web site where customers can quickly and easily learn about map update availability for their navigation systems. This site contains information on updates for some 45 different systems.
NAVTEQ research has shown that numerous users of navigation systems travel with an out-of-date map. This research also revealed that many of them wish to purchase updates but do not know whether and when such updates are available. Using an interactive platform, NAVTEQ established “The Sat Nav Challenge”, a website that “challenges” satellite navigation users to discover whether a map update exists for either their fixed or portable navigation systems. The web pages, which are the first of their kind, are aimed at customers in Europe, who can access pages in English, German, French or Dutch. The new and intuitive web pages provide visitors with immediate answers, while displaying the information in a clear and comprehensive manner.

To see whether an update is available, the user simply needs to enter his/her system model, choose the make and year of manufacture of the vehicle or navigation device, and submit an e-mail address. If a new digital map exists, the user can order it directly via the web. If no update is available, the user can register their details and be notified via e-mail as soon as a new map is available. Registered users will also receive a 15 percent discount on their order when buying two maps, something a navigation system user might find valuable if buying updates for several countries. If map updates cannot be ordered directly from its website, NAVTEQ will refer users to the correct sources of supply, such as their car dealer.

“Many car drivers have invested in high-quality navigation systems. However, if these systems use an out-of-date map CD or DVD, even the best navigation device may be unable to provide correct guidance. Consequently, if drivers have out-dated maps, then they might discover unexpected dead-ends, new hotels and restaurants, or a new bypass that their older map does not reflect. This certainly can be frustrating. We want to encourage users to up-date their maps regularly to avoid these inconveniences.” comments Tim Cordell, Channel Sales Director at NAVTEQ.

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