NAVTEQ Provides Map Coverage for 90 percent of Argentina Population
Coverage expansion enables access to quality data for developing navigation solutions.
NAVTEQ has announced that development of navigation and location-based solutions in Argentina recognized a boost with the release of the latest NAVTEQ map of Argentina providing coverage for all Argentinean cities with a population greater than 5,000. Additionally almost three fourths of the population has access to map data that has had the map’s road attributes and geometry verified. This attention to detail creates the country’s largest verified map providing NAVTEQ customers with the quality to create premier solutions.

NAVTEQ collects over 200 road network attributes when building its country specific maps and uses local geographic analysts to verify the accuracy of the map’s content. NAVTEQ customers use the maps to create navigation applications for vehicles, personal navigation devices (PNDs) mobile handsets, tablets and the web. Representing the highest in quality, the dataset is designed for premier navigation and location experiences. The map can further be enriched with NAVTEQ’s portfolio of advanced map content such as voice products that enable audible guidance cues and a comprehensive visual content portfolio.

NAVTEQ’s visual content portfolio for Argentina includes 3D Landmarks and Enhanced 3D City Models, both designed to enable a sense of orientation for users of navigation systems by replicating on the navigation screen what they see out the windshield. Enhanced Junction Views and Motorway Junction Objects also available for the Argentina map, enable navigation systems to help users avoid last minute maneuver decisions while driving on complex motorways by providing clear and precise lane level guidance cues.

“Use of navigation systems is growing exponentially in Argentina,” stated Fernando Villasol, director South America map and content products, NAVTEQ. “Providing our customers with the highest quality maps, combined with the advanced content consumers are demanding, allows them to capitalize on the opportunities this market growth can bring.”
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