Three Regional Mapping Companies Initiate a Mapping Alliance
AND, EMG and Orion form GDMA, which aims to be a third alternative for global navigable map data.
The mapping companies AND Automotive Navigation Data (Netherlands), EMG (China) and Orion (Dubai) received approval from their respective boards to join forces regarding their participation and contribution to the foundation of a Global Digital Mapping Alliance (GDMA) which will establish its Coordination center in the Netherlands. On the short term the first objective of GDMA is a feasibility study towards the needs from the market regarding an independent and neutral map data provider offering a worldwide navigable map database and the related technical and financial consequences; in order to position GDMA in the marketplace. The initiators of GDMA stress that various issues need to be addressed and answered before GDMA will start to deliver a uniform global map data base. At the moment no time line about map data availability can be disclosed. The aim of GDMA is to synchronize and integrate individual map databases of various mapping companies into one global uniform map database in such a way that the navigation market can profit from improved usability of map data and a shorter time-to-market worldwide. Subject to a positive result of this feasibility study it is expected that more regional mapping companies will be involved to speed up the global map coverage of GDMA.
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