NAVTEQ Traffic Doubles In-Vehicle Use in North America in 2009
NAVTEQ Traffic now powers 90 percent of full-screen, in-vehicle systems in North America.
NAVTEQ recently reported that more than 145 North American vehicle models or approximately 43 percent of all car models now integrate real-time traffic on full-screen navigation systems. NAVTEQ now powers 133, or 90 percent, of those vehicle models offering traffic in North America.

Inclusion of real-time traffic in vehicle navigation systems has been growing since 2004 when NAVTEQ first offered personalized real-time traffic data linked to vehicle navigation. Momentum has been building with 34 vehicle models offering NAVTEQ Traffic in 2007; 66 models in 2008 and more than doubling to 133 models offering real-time traffic in navigation systems in 2009.

This rapid growth has been fueled by consumers who have been asking for systems to include real-time traffic information. A NAVTEQ study reports that 92 percent of in vehicle navigation system users say they are “very interested” in real-time traffic for their navigation device.

This growth is not limited to vehicles, as the popularity of real-time traffic information for users of personal navigation devices, or PNDs, is increasing as well. NAVTEQ Traffic has become the leader in real-time traffic delivery available to millions of drivers via in-vehicle, portable, wireless and online navigation products and services.

NAVTEQ Traffic is a quality-tested, comprehensive solution that links up-to-the minute traffic information to map data and enables wireless transmission directly to in-vehicle navigation systems, personal navigation devices and cell phones. NAVTEQ Traffic delivers detailed information about road construction, traffic speeds and incidents such as accidents, allowing drivers to make better routing and re-routing decisions. NAVTEQ Traffic is available in 128 markets, covering more than 200 million people in the United States and Canada.

“Traffic-enabled navigation has evolved from being a luxury feature to becoming a crucial component that drivers demand when considering a vehicle purchase. As a result, companies are recognizing the value of making real-time traffic more broadly available to drivers,“ said Mike Finn, vice president for NAVTEQ Traffic, North America. “As we can see from the increases in the number of brands and models that are introducing traffic-enabled navigation systems, this technology is becoming the norm in new vehicles.”
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