Intermap Launches AccuTerra GPS App for iPhone
More features added, including urban mapping data and sidebar navigation for one-touch access to key map functions.

Intermap Technologies has announced the latest version of its AccuTerra application for the iPhone is immediately available for download on Apple’s iTunes App Store. The upgraded base application is currently free and includes the first detailed map download from the AccuTerra map store.

New features:

* Improved “In-App” shopping for additional maps.

* Access to purchase 77 detailed state maps that are easily downloadable onto the iPhone.

* Google Maps access for urban on-road data.

* Simple toggle button to switch between Google content and AccuTerra off-road maps.

“The addition of Google Maps access is extremely helpful for AccuTerra users who conduct excursions straddling the boundaries between urban settings and the backcountry, where AccuTerra’s off road map coverage is second to none. With the addition of new mapping data, AccuTerra now provides more than 5.5 million square miles of wide-area coverage and more than 745,000 square miles of high-definition, super zoom backcountry and trail maps,” said Michael Bullock, vice president, Intermap Consumer Electronics. “AccuTerra continues to establish itself as the de facto standard on the iPhone for backcountry mapping, even as it begins to broaden its reach into the urban setting by providing on-road data and map imagery.”

The AccuTerra application now provides quick, one-touch access to all the major mapping functions within the application, such as recording treks, creating waypoints, accessing options, and toggling between different map views.

In addition, the AccuTerra application fully leverages the In-App purchase functionality of iPhone OS 3.1 to allow users to purchase additional map content on the fly. Further enhancing navigation is the added ability to shop for maps by state, helping users quickly locate relevant map data. The app uses Wi-Fi connectivity to load highly detailed map content directly on the device and takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capabilities to allow outdoor enthusiasts to use the application anywhere – even when there is no network coverage available.

The base AccuTerra application, plus the first detailed map download, is currently free. Additional map bundles range from US$ 1 to US$ 5 and can be purchased directly from the iPhone.

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