Tele Atlas Releases Latest Version of Speed Profiles to Calculate Fastest Routes
Details on 35 million kilometers of roads in 26 countries help drivers identify optimal routes and more accurately estimate travel time.
Tele Atlas has announced its latest version of Tele Atlas Speed Profiles, which provides highly accurate speed data to help navigation system users find the most optimal routes and far more accurately estimate travel times. Companies that now have access to leverage Tele Atlas Speed Profiles include Routing International, a software firm specialized in transport planning optimization with more than 200 clients across Europe.

Demonstrating its ability to further harness the power of community, the latest release of Speed Profiles enables route calculations based on highly comprehensive historical travel time and measured speed information and expands on the initial product launched in November 2008. Tele Atlas Speed Profiles is now available in 26 countries, covering 35 million kilometers of both directions of roads and featuring:

* Data derived from more than 600 billion speed measurements shared by consumers in 26 countries over the past two years.
* Coverage for 24 European countries, encompassing 15.5 million kilometers and complete coverage of the navigable road network.
* Coverage in North America for Canada and the United States, encompassing 19.5 million kilometers and approximately 90 percent of the navigable road network.
* 77 percent of frequently traveled roadways with actual average speeds for every five minutes of the day on any day of the week.

“As we continue to enhance Speed Profiles, our customers can deliver solutions that help consumers save time and money, consume less fuel and help preserve the environment, as well as help businesses cut transportation and logistics costs,” said Rik Temmink, Vice President of Product Management, Tele Atlas. “Tele Atlas Speed Profiles is a unique and powerful product for the industry that offers extensive Pan-European, US and Canadian coverage and the most complete picture of the road network, with more geographic coverage and detail than any other offering currently on the market.”

Speed Profiles aggregates and enhances real speed data from millions of GPS-enabled devices, using consumer driving patterns to provide true average speeds on individual road segments. In contrast, traditional systems available today use standardized estimates to calculate routes, ignoring hurdles such as traffic lights, school hours and rotaries that can severely impact travel times.
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