NAVTEQ Extends Coverage in South America With First Navigable Maps for Chile and Venezuela
New coverage will fuel the navigation industry with growth opportunities.

NAVTEQ has released navigable map coverage in Chile and Venezuela, providing automotive-grade quality content to portable and mobile devices. The initial NAVTEQ map for Chile includes over 57,000 km of road network and the NAVTEQ map for Venezuela includes over 86,000 km. To deliver NAVTEQ’s industry leading quality, both maps include up to 260 attributes. These road attributes include information such as direction of travel, road barriers, and turn restrictions; and, are critical for supporting accurate turn-by-turn guidance in high performance navigation systems and portable devices.

In addition to road attributes, the high quality NAVTEQ map provides accurate geometry and content that bolsters customer satisfaction when using navigation systems and mobile devices. For example, inclusion of validated Points of Interest (POIs) and address ranges offer end-users more options on how to select their destination and discover new locations. 3D Landmarks and 3D City Models support next generation navigation by providing end users an improved sense of place in unfamiliar or complex navigation situations.

NAVTEQ uses a standard global data specification as a foundation to build new coverage areas. This strategy makes it more efficient and easier for customers to integrate data and reduces the costs to update software.

“The standard data specification allows our customers to rapidly deliver world class navigation solutions in emerging markets,” stated Eliot Dam, director product marketing, Latin America, NAVTEQ. “With our global data specification, customers can quickly capture new market opportunities with their existing production investments.”

Beyond this global standardization, NAVTEQ provides technical customer support to assist customers with integrating its map into any of their applications. Additional marketing programs are also available to provide support in launching these navigation applications and devices.

“The GPS and location-based services segment is positioned for exciting growth in the region,” stated Jim Dineen, director and general manager - Latin America, NAVTEQ. “We are committed to helping our customers capitalize on market opportunities by providing them with a high quality product and superior technical support to maximize their resources and investment.”

The NAVTEQ maps for Chile and Venezuela represent NAVTEQ’s ongoing commitment to the region. In addition to the Chile and Venezuela maps, NAVTEQ’s South America coverage includes maps for Brazil and Argentina.

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