Tele Atlas Uses Consumer Input to Add, Adjust Roads in Map Database
Shared community feedback gives more complete view of road network worldwide and a faster path to fresher maps.
Tele Atlas continues to advance digital map making with the availability of the first map database to contain new and adjusted roads based on feedback from map users.

Tele Atlas MultiNet 2009.02 is the basis for some of the world’s most used navigation devices and wireless, LBS and enterprise applications. It now contains new roads, as well as roads with adjusted geometry, detected or verified in part using real world GPS measurements on thousands of roads from TomTom Map Share customers. Map Share technology allows consumers to make instant corrections to maps directly on TomTom devices and to share information about their changes and routes to help improve the freshness of maps for all Tele Atlas map users.

“Community input allows Tele Atlas to quickly and automatically see what’s happening across all areas of our database to pinpoint places where changes to the road network may be needed,” said Tele Atlas Vice President of Research and Development Rob van Essen. “Once we verify such feedback through our many other sources or through field tests, we can add them to our database far faster than traditional means have ever allowed.”

To update its maps, Tele Atlas captures and verifies changes from more than 50,000 global sources, ranging from government documents and public safety officials to construction companies and truck drivers, as well as satellite and aerial imagery. By validating and adding contributions from individual drivers as an additional source, Tele Atlas is able to increase the total number of changes identified by its network, particularly in geographically dispersed and rural areas covered less frequently by other data sources. The launch of MultiNet 2009.02 follows the company’s first database release incorporating community-provided changes in October 2008.
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