Blom Signs Global 3D Agreement with Tele Atlas
Blom's images and 3D models will be integrated into Tele Atlas' product offerings in a deal worth at least NOK 350 million.
Geographic information provider Blom ASA and digital maps and dynamic content provider Tele Atlas have announced a five year agreement focused on speeding up the development of 3D city maps and elevation models and on creating imagery products for personal and in-car navigation, Internet and mobile solutions users. The new partnership will give map users a more realistic view of the world and show them building details in the world’s major cities.

Under the terms of the agreement, Blom and Tele Atlas will work together on the development and delivery of 3D city maps and other features using Blom’s imagery and 3D map components. Tele Atlas will add Blom data to its existing 3D database to rapidly expand its offering and will be able to license Blom imagery products to its customers to further enhance their users’ visual experience. In addition, Tele Atlas will gain access to Blom’s imagery databases to update its existing maps.

“Demand for 3D maps on personal navigation devices and in local search applications is rising, as consumers everywhere want more realistic views of what is around them,” said Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry. “Blom’s vast library of 3D imagery is of the highest quality, and will allow us to deliver fully three-dimensional products in more than 250 cities worldwide in 2009.”

“This is an exciting milestone in the navigation industry and marks the start of bringing 3D maps to the masses,” said Blom CEO Håkon Jacobsen. “Our solutions will significantly improve the user experience across all map devices and applications, and with Tele Atlas as a leading partner, put us in the strongest position to deliver the best features.”
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