INRIX Announces Pan-European Road Traffic Information
Leading North American provider of traffic data brings innovative technology to Europe via strategic partnerships with ARC Transistance.

INRIX today announced the immediate availability of pan-European traffic information and significant investments in expanding the coverage of rich flow data on major road networks throughout Europe.

INRIX is combining its unique and successful traffic data aggregation and intelligent fusion technologies with key strategic partnerships with leading European automobile clubs, commercial vehicle fleets and research organizations. Leveraging INRIX’s relationship with ARC Transistance -Europe’s largest motoring assistance network whose automobile clubs are 48 million members strong across 43 European countries and cover 80 percent of the roadway network in Europe – and INRIX’s partnerships with ITIS Holdings, TNO, and others, INRIX’s strategy takes a pan-European approach to real-time, historical and predictive traffic data.

Through its partnership with ARC Transistance, INRIX will now be able to distribute, to its global customers, ARC’s aggregated traffic information – initially available for 16 countries – with significant expansion planned throughout 2008 and 2009. Via INRIX and ARC’s joint efforts, Europe’s leading automobile clubs will receive significantly enriched and expanded traffic offerings available within individual countries and across the European community. One of the first clubs to benefit from this new partnership is ANWB, the leading automobile club in the Netherlands with over 3.8 million members.

“We are impressed and confident with INRIX’s scalable technology and approach to aggregating, analyzing and delivering traffic information,” said Charles Capelleman, director of product development, ARC Transistance. ”In our extensive evaluation of options for expanding the road coverage and improving the quality of traffic information to our club members, we determined INRIX is the ideal traffic data partner.”

In addition to aggregating country-specific traffic incident information via the automobile club network, INRIX is working with its partners, country by country to develop expanded traffic flow information for major highways, roads and arterials. INRIX is focused on improving the overall quality of traffic information in Europe by providing its unique method of mining and aggregating data from a combination of intelligent sources including GPS-enabled commercial and consumer vehicles, data collected anonymously from mobile phone devices, traditional road sensor information and cellular GPS data, the result of which is highly accurate road speeds and comprehensive market coverage.

Building upon its success as the leading provider of traffic in North America, INRIX Traffic services target automobile OEMs, GPS navigation device manufacturers, wireless operators, web portals and navigation application providers interested in integrating international road traffic data with their consumer and enterprise services.

“We have global customers who are demanding the same traffic information quality and extensive road coverage in Europe that we provide today in North America,” said Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of INRIX. “INRIX is in a unique position to deliver comprehensive real-time incident and flow data across Europe based upon our technological lead, our blended data aggregation approach and our unique partnership model with ARC Transistance and others.”

Since launching the company in 2004, INRIX has catapulted itself to become the leading provider of traffic information in North America with over 50 customers, 55,000 miles of real-time flow, over 100,000 miles of nationwide traffic alerts covering the entire U.S. Interstate Highway System, 800,000 miles of historical traffic flow and the only provider of dynamic predictive traffic.

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