KPN and Novasys announce the launch of SMS MapConfirmation
The new confirmation service includes a geographic map on the mobile phone.

KPN, the Netherlands leader of Telephonic Directory Assistance, owning the well known brand 1888, and NOVASYS have announced the launch of a new service of confirmation in the Netherlands, including a geographic map via SMS WapPush, named ‘SMS MapConfirmation’.

All mobile users in the Netherlands having a Wap configured mobile handset, can receive on their mobile phone a confirmation with a dynamic map of any queried business address.

This new service, ‘SMS MapConfirmation’, is the first SMS application using WAP Push in relation with Mapping. When the mobile users ask for a business address or phone number to the 1888 agent, MapConfirmation sends a map to their mobile handset. Maps are not only accurate; they are also dynamic and well readable at different zoom levels. This service is one of the very first mapping applications offered to the mobile users, available over this new channel.

NOVASYS has developed the MapConfirmation service on the basis of its geocentric platform Maponair. The service supports almost any mobile handset available on the market. It allows delivering maps on the fly for each directory query, in just a few seconds. With the introduction of the confirmation service including the map, the call centre operators will not only supply the requested phone number and address, but also a map corresponding to the end-user's query. This will make the user's experience easier, allowing him to receive the exact location of his query, anytime, anywhere by a simple call to 1888. He doesn't need anymore to print a map in advance at home or in the office.

Hans Wester, KPN product manager for the 1888 service: "With the new map service we intent to increase the added value of our 1888 service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The service is available for all our mobile users at no additional charge."

Ali Hussein, VP Sales & Marketing for NOVASYS comments: "…We are very pleased to introduce this new service on the Dutch Directory Assistance market with KPN. It enhances their offering aimed at clients in mobility logic and with increased expectations. This innovation in the area of mobile services is a good example of new and easy to use services for the mobile community...."

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